Red Plaskon w/ Beetled grille Detrola Super Pee Wee


Black Beetled Plaskon Kadette Jewel


Blue Plaskon Detrola Jr. Midget


Red/Blue/Ivory Beetled Plaskon GE model C-400


Black/Ivory Bakelite/Plaskon Philco/Simplex UA52P

This site is dedicated to the exotic and beautiful table radios made from colored Plaskon and Beetled Plaskon (Urea Formaldehyde). These particular sets were made from about 1932 until the late 1940's. In most cases they are much more rare than their high-end Catalin radio cousins. Colored plaskons were produced in small quantities, and today are extremely difficult to find. When they do become available for sale, most have at least some flaws, notably stress cracks, chipping, or warping, as the material was not particularly strong or durable. They were easily damaged by heat, light, or just by being mishandled.


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About the author:
Mike Herman has been a vintage radio dealer and collector for over 20 years, and currently lives in Asia. For the past 8 years, he has been teaching English to (mostly) wonderful and enthusiastic students there. A gypsy at heart, he loves to travel, and has had great experiences with the people and antiques he has encountered along the way. He always enjoys hearing from other radio collectors, so say hello!



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Yellow Plaskon Wilcox-Gay Lil'Champ Midget


Blue Plaskon Detrola Pee Wee


Beetled Plaskon Detrola Jr.


Pistachio Green Plaskon Emerson 540A Emersonette


Black/Ivory Beetled Plaskon Addison A2